Get Active!
U.S Bank is the reason HLS remain open today, providing the lab with a lifesaving loan. We need caring people like you to help us persuade U.S. Bank to sever its links with HLS.

• Leaflet, demonstrate against U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank operates over 3,000 banking offices and over 5,000 ATMs in 25 states, as well as subsidiary offices in London and Dublin. (Find a branch at Why not organize a leafleting event or protest outside your nearest branch? If you need leaflets, you can download them here, or order some from SHAC. If you have any questions, or would like to be put in touch with other activists in your area, contact us at:

• Contact U.S. Bank and voice your outrage over its support of animal torture and demand that they end their relationship with the cruelty of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

U.S. Bancorp
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 800-872-2657, 855-769-4742 or 651-466-3000
Online comment form:

Richard Davis, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Cecere, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Sample letter/email:

Dear Mr. Davis:

I am writing to urge U.S Bank to discontinue its investment with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). As you have already been made aware, HLS is a notorious animal testing laboratory. HLS has been exposed numerous times through undercover investigations and video abusing innocent animals, falsifying experimental test data and flouting regulations on a regular basis. They have been filmed cutting open monkeys while still alive, and punching beagles in the face.

I urge U.S Bank to make the intelligent and compassionate decision to discontinue financial dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences now and forever.

Thank you,