The companies listed on the five links above all deal with HLS on a regular basis and keep them open by supplying essential services and products.
Details of many of these companies have been leaked to the campaign by sympathisers disgusted with HLS. Please call, write to and telephone them to make them aware of just who they are dealing with. Remember many staff are sympathetic and may be the ones who told us of their company's involvement in the first place! Keep your communications polite and informative - taking action is what counts. Remember every call, every email and every letter counts so what are you waiting for? Get active for the animals trapped inside HLS - they are counting on you.


If you have severed your links with Huntingdon Life Sciences, please let the campaign know. You can send a simple email to info@shac.net stating the following : "........ (name of your company) have severed their links with HLS and terminated their contract, and will not be dealing with them now or in the future directly or indirectly." This will enable supporters to be kept up to date with which companies are still involved with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

  All the companies who have stopped working with Huntingdon Life Sciences can be seen here.