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SHAC’s stated aim is to bring about the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences by all legitimate forms of protest, and by highlighting their record of animal cruelty, staff incompetence, falsification of data and criminal activities. We believe that there is more than enough evidence for the UK government to withdraw HLS's licence and close them down.

It goes without saying that nothing contained on this website or in any SHAC publication is intended to encourage or incite illegal acts.

Any names and addresses of Huntingdon Life Sciences' laboratories and companies associated with them are published for the sole purpose of allowing members of the public to voice their concerns and carry out protests in a legal manner.

SHAC does not encourage or incite any illegal activities.

SHAC does not encourage or incite repetitive, threatening or abusive communications with these companies, be this by telephone call, fax, email or letter.

SHAC has no links or involvement with the Animal Liberation Front or the Animal Rights Militia, whoever they may be. Any articles from the press published on this web site relating to illegal activities carried out against HLS and associated companies are posted for the sole reason of publishing news related to Huntingdon Life Sciences and are not intended to incite or encourage similar acts.

Many of the demo reports are received by SHAC anonymously and we cannot take any responsibility for the content or accuracy of these reports. Readers must bear in mind that certain demonstrations eg home demonstrations and office occupations are now illegal in the UK although they are perfectly legal in other countries, and the inclusion of reports relating to these demos abroad does in no sense amount to encouragement to do similar demos in the UK.

The comments expressed on this web site are not necessarily the views of SHAC or the site editors.

Anyone carrying out protesting activities against HLS is encouraged to familiarise themselves with the law by getting a copy of the Freebeagles legal booklet available from SHAC and visiting the independent legal website www.freebeagles.org.

New laws designed to protect the customers and suppliers of animal testing laboratories from unlawful activity are now in force. These laws do not make it illegal to protest peacefully. For more on this click here.